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Referee Scheduling

How-To: Sign-up up to referee games

1. Read the "Referee Sign-up Guidelines" below.

2. Click on this button to go to the online scheduling module (CGI)

3. Enter your User ID and Password and click "Login"
Then use the search features to find matches that fit your availability so you can sign-up to referee.

You need to complete or update your Volunteer Form on to be eligible to referee matches. This ensures that you are covered by AYSO's supplemental insurance coverage in the event of an injury requiring medical attention.
If you do not have an account, you will need to create an account by clicking on the blue Referee Scheduling button above and clicking on the "Please register as a referee now" link on the sign-in page of the online scheduling module. Please ensure that all data is accurately entered in your profile, including in particular your email address, phone number (cell phone preferred), Badge Level, CR comfort and AR comfort levels. Once you create an account, you will have to be approved, which can take up to 24 hours. Your volunteer form must be up-to-date to be approved to sign-up for matches.

Referee Sign-up Guidelines

  • 5/6U have no referees
  • 7/8U only have a Referee, with parents helping as AR's in 8U
  • 10U and above have a Referee and two AR's . You can request a mentor by clicking the box next to your name.  Mentors can self-assign to any request for a mentor.
  • Parents and siblings should not Referee any other game in their child's/sibling's division. Signing up to AR other games in your own child's/sibling's division is permissible. However, it is fine to fill a position that is still open at game time, with the permission of both coaches. It is always better to have a full referee crew, even if one or more are related to players in the same division.
  • Youth Referees should sign up for games in divisions below the division in which they play. Referees should be two years older than the division in which they referee.
  • Coaches who are also referees should avoid signing up for games in their own division. Certain exceptions may be allowed where a referee is working to upgrade to the next level of certification. Contact Jamie Stewart to discuss.
  • For those who like to Referee (i.e. Center), please sign up for a mix of Referee and AR positions. We all have become better Referees by also being AR's and understanding the game from both roles of the referee team.
  • Avoid signing up for back-to-back Center Referee assignments. Sign up for a Referee spot and then an AR spot, or vice versa.
  • Please sign up as early in the week as you can, but also please avoid taking too many assignments early on. Leave space for others to sign-up, and then come back later in the week (Thursday-Friday) to fill in what's still open. It's challenging because we want everyone to have the opportunity to take assignments, but we also want to fill every assignment, for the good of the game.
Please fully complete the game card, and clearly print your Name, Division and Team on the back of the Game Card or volunteer points may not be able to be awarded to your team(s). For example: Jones, BU12, #3

You must be qualified to referee the level you sign-up for. If you are interested in moving up to Referee or AR matches in the next higher division, please contact the Regional Referee Administrator for approval.

Please read certification requirements below:

Minimum AYSO referee certifications required for age divisions in our region.

Age Division

Referee Certification Required

U7, U8 and U10

Regional Referee

Those with U8 certification can referee U7 and U8

Those with AR certification can Referee in U7 and U8 and can AR in U10


Intermediate Referee

Or Regional Referee with waiver from Regional Referee Administrator, Regional Director of Assessment or Regional Director of Instruction


Advanced Referee

Or Intermediate Referee with waiver from Regional Referee Administrator, Regional Director of Assessment or Regional Director of Instruction


National Referee

Or Advanced or Intermediate Referee with waiver from Regional Referee Administrator, Regional Director of Assessment or Regional Director of Instruction


All candidates for upgrade will be granted waivers for the current season

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